• Bipolar Disorders and Depression
    Bipolar Disorder symptoms do not follow a set patten.Depression does not always follow mania.A person may be in the same mood state for a variable length of time-for weeks or even months or years before experiencing a mood change.The degree of severity of mood change many also differ from person to person.

    The periods of depression can be equally intense.Sadness and anxiety prevail in all aspects of life-feelings,thoughts,eating,sleeping,relationships,physical health comprehension and ability to perform.If the depression is not treated it grows worse.

    Symptoms of depression involves five or more of these symptoms most of the day-for two weeks or longer:

    1.Apathy and low energy levels.
    2.Low self esteem and mood depressions.
    3.Guilt,sadness,loneliness and helplessness.
    4.Poor coordination,slow speech and fatigue.
    5.Over sleeping or sleeplessness.
    6.Poor concentration.
    7.Lack of pleasure and interest in a normal daily activities.
    8.Suicidal thoughts.

    If untreated episodes of depression tend to come closer together and difficult to treat. They may convert into mania.However with proper medication and treatment,the condition can be treated and a person can have normal life which can be happy and productive.


  1. mrcoffeecake says:

    Bi Polar 2 is a minor, yet very apparent version of regular Bipolar..it occurs less frequently. but can be triggreed by noises, transitions between the end of a (movie for instance) activity and the "what should I be doing, where should I be??" thoughts of confusuion, being overwhelmed and makling every siomple decision into a majopr one. Minor forms odf claustrophobia creep in and become more apparent, to the point where sitting in the middle seat of an airplane, otr in a dark room or theatre is terifying. Time seems to stand still and every decision or action is on stage and a major consequence.
    Seroquel helped me. Better sleep helps too.

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