• Mania and Hypomaia in Bipolar Disorder
    Hypomania: Is less severe form of Mania.Hypomania is a mood that many do not recognize as a problem.Person affected may feel pretty good,have a greater sense of well being.In some people affected with Bipolar disorder hypo mania may develop into mania and can lead to serious depression.

    Mania:At this stage the ideas start coming too fast and after a stage the clarity is lost and confusion sets in.It may follow memory loss,dull wittiness ,irritability,anger and persons may feel frightened and trapped.

    If a person has three or more of these manic symptoms mentioned bellow for most of the day -for one week or more the person may be affected with manic episode or bipolar disorder.

    1.Excessive happiness,hopefulness and excitement.
    2.Sudden mood swings,joyfulness to irritability,anger,hostility.
    3.Hyperactive,restlessness and less need for sleep.
    4.Talkativeness and rapid talk.
    5.Constant racing of thoughts.
    6.High sex drive.
    7.Tending to plan for unattainable goals.
    8.Poor judgment.
    9.Inflated self esteem,unrealistic belief in capabilities.
    10.Reckless behavior {lavish spending impulsive sexual indiscretion,Abuse of Alcohol,Drugs and ill advised business decisions

    Some persons affected with Bipolar disorder may become Psychopathic.


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