• Bipolar Disorder
    Bipolar Disorders are medically known as depressive disorders.Depression disorders affect the persons brain functions.Depression disorders are widely prevalent in the human population in U.s alone one out of 7 people is affected by Bipolar disorder.Bipolar disorder has several synonymous:Manic depression,manic depressive illness,bipolar mood disorder,bipolar affective disorder,manic depressive disorder etc..!
    Bipolar disorder is classified mainly into four different types:Bipolar,Bipolar 2,Cyclothymic disorder,and unspecific disorder.Bipolar disorders are classified into these four categories because symptoms of bipolar disorders are expressed differently in different persons.This categorization helps the doctor to choose the type of treatment to be adopted for a particular condition.

    Symptoms:The primary symptoms are unpredictable mood swings.Bipolar disorders can be very complex.Symptoms are variable and unpredictable.The illness has two strongly contrasting phases.

    1.Minia and Hypominia in bipolar disorder ,2.Bipolar depression


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